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CDWdrives Torque Limiters

CDWdrives brand torque limiters offer significant cost-savings and design benefits over the competition

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The CDWdrives Difference

CDWdrives Torque Limiter Features

1. Bronze-bushed adapter with tapped bolt circle holes for easy mounting of a sprocket or timing pully. Popular sprocket sizes are available pre-bored and drilled to match CDWdrives series torque limiters. Multi-strand and hardened tooth sprockets are also available. There is no additional machining or processing of drive media to configure a working torque limiter assembly.

2. All models include an “Over Adjustment” safety feature. The torque–adjusting nut will “bottom out” before the unit locks up, and no calibration spacers are required.

3. Thick limit switch plate – reduces the possibility of bending.

4. Hub extension with barring holes to hold the hub against rotation while adjusting torque.

5. The Throu-bore hub configuration allows long shaft mounting or mounting between bearings (standard on models 211CDW and 221CDW, optional on models 231CDW and 241CDW).

6. Every unit is furnished with a complete set of coil springs, covering the minimum to maximum torque range as shipped. The threaded adjusting nut eliminates the need to change springs; remove springs as required for the lower torque range.

7. Single external grease fitting for easy lubrication.

Setscrews and mounting holes are fine threads for maximum holding power (models 211CDW and 221CDW).

Large setscrews in hub (three on models 211CDW and 221CDW, two on models 231CDW and 241CDW).

A coupling-style assembly is available for mounting between two shafts.

We Stock Four Popular Sizes of Torque Limiters 

Standard Units and Configurations Ship Next Day  /  We Can Build Custom Configuration Quickly

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