Retrofitting and Reverse Engineering are not typical services offered by most distributors. In fact, equipment users rarely need reverse engineering services until working obsolete equipment fails and replacement parts are no longer available.

What do you do when a perfectly good piece of equipment breaks down and can’t be fixed? The answer is simple: Call CDWdrives and we will retrofit and reverse engineer the part(s) and get your equipment up and running again. Part obsolescence is one of the biggest challenges facing manufacturers. Completely replacing machinery and parts which have become “obsolete” because of newer technologies and new parts that have been introduced into the market can be costly. Fortunately, CDWdrives offers retrofitting and reverse engineering services that will allow you to adapt older technologies to newer specifications to keep your machinery running smoothly. Our value-added services allow us to deliver exactly what you need, where and when you need it. We are not just a catalog – we are experienced engineers that can solve your problems.


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