Car Wash Products

CDWdrives carries a complete range of products manufactured by Mosmatic to equip a self-serve car wash bay. This includes the largest selection of ceiling booms and wall booms worldwide. Mosmatic products are known for precision and durability that will meet your application needs. Whether it is a Car Wash, Truck Wash, undercarriage or complete cleaning, we can assist you with product selection.

Within the Car Wash Products product division. CDWdrives offers the following products:

  • Ceiling Boom Z-Series


  • Ceiling Boom with LED


  • Ceiling Boom Inline


  • Dual Ceiling Boom


  • Wall-Boom


  • Wall-Boom-Extension


  • Air-System Boom


  • Air-System Stand


  • Mosmatic Dryer


  • Vertical Boom


  • Bay-Packages


  • Wand Holder


  • Brush Bucket


  • HP Guns


  • HP-Wands


  • Foam Brushes


  • Foam Products


  • Wheelblaster


  • Undercarriage Cleaner


  • Splash Guard


  • Cleaning Head Spider


  • Rotor Arms


  • Nozzles


  • Accessories


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