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LHD-USA Specializes in Telescopic Forks and Other Load-handling Devices and Systems

Carlson-Dimond & Wright, Inc. (LHD-USA), in close collaboration with LHD S.p.A., provides innovative load-handling solutions for numerous industrial applications. These load-handling products range from standard applications like pallet handling to complex custom solutions.
Carlson-Dimond & Wright, Inc. (LHD-USA) has a highly trained technical team that repairs and services LHD telescopic forks and load-handling systems for our North American customers (U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico). We guarantee fast, reliable, and excellent customer service and support to all our customers. 

Samiflex Couplings and Elastomeric Inserts Protect Your Equipment from Costly Downtime

Samiflex couplings and inserts are easy to install, have no metal-to-metal contact, and require no lubrication. Best of all, you can replace the insert without moving or disassembling the driving or driven equipment. Samiflex Couplings are nearly maintenance-free.

A Samiflex Coupling has only four parts:

  • Two cast iron or steel hubs.
  • One precision-cast polyurethane insert.
  • One retaining ring from either polyamide or steel.

Samiflex Couplings Elastomeric inserts are manufactured from a unique polyurethane blend, offering various options to suit your needs. They are available in three compounds (standard, high temperature, and high performance) and three hardness ratings, ensuring that the insert meets or exceeds your requirements.  

  • Couplings are supplied with a standard (yellow) insert at a hardness rating of 95 Shore A and a temp. rating of -40/180 deg. F.
  • High-temperature (HT) inserts are available up to 150 degrees C (300 degrees F).
  • High-performance inserts (HD) brown and red (HDT) increase torque ratings by 40%.


Please watch this video to see how quickly and easily a Samiflex insert is removed and replaced. The fastest in the industry!


CDWdrives Torque Limiters Reduce the Risk of Component Failure 

There are thousands of CDWdrives Torque Limiters operating successfully in the field. We used our extensive experience selling and representing leading torque limiter manufacturers to create our superior, high-quality line of ball detent torque limiters. Our torque limiters are used in various applications to serve customers in many industries. CDWdrives stocks four popular sizes and configurations of our torque limiters that ship to you the next day. In case you require custom configurations, we have experienced engineers and technicians on staff who can quickly and accurately build them to your specifications. CDWdrives Torque Limiters provide cost-effective protection for your equipment, ensuring minimal downtime.

CDWdrives Service and Repair Department Keeps Your Business Running Smoothly

Our repair department has experienced mechanics backed by engineers who will effectively and quickly resolve your equipment failures. We will determine the most cost-effective repair method and provide a detailed quote and service completion date. CDWdrives can repair, retrofit, refurbish, replace, and even reverse engineer components to get your equipment back up and running.

We are experts at rebuilding pumps, blowers, gearboxes, and drive units of every size. We perform all repairs using only genuine, high-quality new parts from leading manufacturers at the best prices.

Our technicians thoroughly inspected the repaired equipment before delivery, and all parts and services have a one-year limited warranty. 

When you rely on CDWdrives to repair your equipment, you receive the service, product quality, reliability, and support you expect!

Service and repair image

CDWdrives Offers High-Quality Products and Exceptional Support Services 

We partner with leading manufacturers to offer the best solutions for our customers' specific industries and applications. CDWdrives takes the time to understand the problems our customers are trying to resolve with their purchases, recommend the best solution, and then stand behind that recommendation.

Let CDWdrives make your job a lot easier.

For more product information, selection and current pricing, please contact us.

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