Positive displacement pumps

For 50 years, Cat Pumps has offered the most dependable positive displacement high-pressure triplex pumps available. Designed and built to the highest quality standards, customers count on Cat Pumps products to keep their equipment running.

Within the Positive Displacement Pumps product division. CDWdrives offers the following products:

  • Hollow Shaft Plunger Pumps


  • Gearbox Plunger Pumps


  • Bell Housing Plunger Pumps


  • Belt Drive Plunger Pumps


  • Piston Pumps


  • Submersible Pumps


  • End Suction Motorized Pumps


  • Multistage Motorized Pumps


  • Flushed Manifold Pumps


  • High Temp. Pumps


  • TEG Pumps


  • Washout Resistant Pumps


  • Liquid CO2 Pumps


  • ATEX Pumps


  • 1CX Series Compact Misting Pumps


  • 1XP Series Portable Extractor Pumps


  • Custom Pumping Systems


  • Accessories


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