Flex Couplings

Protect your equipment from costly downtime!

Now there’s a new solution to one of the most costly and troublesome problems facing maintenance personnel – coupling failure and the expensive downtime associated with fixing it. CDWdrives offers maintenance-free elastomeric coupling solutions.

Assembly & Disassembly

Assembly is simple and doesn’t require nuts and bolts or special tools. A Samiflex Coupling has only four parts – two cast iron
or steel hubs (A and B), one precision cast polyurethane insert (C), and one retaining ring from either polyamide or steel (D).
Align hubs (A and B) on the shafts. Insert the elastic insert (C) into the parallel slots formed between hubs (A and B). Slide a polyamide or steel retaining ring (item D) over the insert securing both insert and ring between the hubs. Retaining rings with locking screws are provided as standard.
One significant benefit to using a Samiflex coupling is that once the hubs (A and B) are installed and aligned on the shafts, you will never have to move them again to replace an insert. Inserts are removed and replaced quickly and easily without
the need to undo screws, bolts, or other fasteners by simply removing the retaining ring (D).


  • The coupling insert is removable without moving either driving or driven equipment.
  • Change out of coupling insert is faster than any other coupling.
  • No lubrication or maintenance is required over the life of the insert.
  • You can rotate the hubs independently during a motor test.
  • No metal-to-metal contact.
  • Large bore to torque capacity.
  • Vertical operation is possible with standard coupling.
  • Retaining rings are provided with locking screws as standard.
  • The standard insert can handle an extensive temperature range from -40 to 80°C (-40 to 180°F).
  • High-temperature inserts are available up to 150°C (300°F).
  • Polyurethane insert is very resistant to chemical attack.
  • Polyurethane insert hardness options are available to optimize torque capacity and damping.

Samiflex Elastomeric Insert

The insert is manufactured using a unique polyurethane blend in three compounds and three hardness ratings, allowing the insert to meet or exceed your application requirements. The standard (Yellow) elastic insert is supplied at 95 shore A. The standard (Yellow) insert has a hardness rating of 95 Shore A. High-performance inserts type HD (brown) and HDT (red) enable torque ratings to be increased by 40%.

Contact CDWdrives for assistance with sizing and selection.

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