Brushless PMS AC Motors

A brushless PMS motor is synchronous with rare earth permanent magnets on the rotor, which generates high-density magnetic fields.

These motors offer the following advantages:

  • High torques, even at very low speeds
  • Higher efficiencies than other motor technologies (90-95%)
  • High accuracy and control positioning
  • Compact dimensions achieved by the high power density
  • The absence of friction/wear components
  • Low thermal heat dissipation

AC Induction Motors

The AC motor works with alternating current in low voltage applications. The motors are designed for rigorous applications requiring performance and flexibility. They are guaranteed to meet the challenge, repeatedly supplying high torques for starting and acceleration and providing optimum performance at high speed.

DC Motors

Metalrota direct current (DC) electric motors are available with different types of windings: permanent magnets (for light applications), separately excited (for the electric traction system), shunt excitation (for AGV applications), series excitation (to supply high stall torques), and series/compound/shunt excitation (for applications with gear pumps).